Learning to Snowboard at 40


Learning to snowboard is something that you may have always wanted to do. But learning to snowboard at 40 may give you pause. While turning 40 isn’t anywhere near to it being inadvisable to snowboard, it does present some challenges that a teenager or someone in their early twenties won’t have to face trying to learn. Snowboarding is addictive and if you are ready to face the challenge, no age is too old to learn to snowboard.

Learning to Snowboard at 40 Gives You Some Advantages

Life is better the older you get. You have more experience, are wiser, and possess more self-control and self-restraint. With some careful planning and wise spending habits, you are financially better off as well the older you get. These traits will serve you well when you are trying to learn to snowboard when you are 40. Some simple precautions and knowing your physical and physiological condition will make snowboarding an exciting new activity that you will get addicted to.

The better shape you are in the easier it will be to learn to snowboard. At 40, your exercise routine is pretty much set; either you have developed an exercise routine that has kept you fit, or you may need to start one. Either way, snowboarding is a great physical activity that will help you develop or surpass your current level of conditioning.

The one reality about learning to snowboard when you’re 40 is that some of your muscle groups that haven’t been used in a while will need to be strengthened. That doesn’t mean that learning to snowboard will require you to live in the gym. Doing some basic exercises in the comfort of your home will help you a lot. Some of the exercises that you should start doing are lunges, squats, and burpees. It is always a great idea to seek a doctor’s advice before you start any exercise routine. Stretching exercises also will help you conquer the slopes.

While you may not do the high acrobatic moves that a young pro snowboarder does, you will find yourself quickly improving your ability. That is when you need to rely on your wisdom, self-control, and self-restraint. You always need to remember your skill level and abilities. Overdoing it is a sure-fire way of getting injured. And since you are 40, the recovery period from an injury will be much longer than a teenager’s.

What is the Best Snowboard for People over 40 Learning to Snowboard?

If you are trying to learn how to snowboard and you are over 40, the snowboard you use will make a vast difference. There are many different types of snowboards: some are built for speed, while others are built for stability.

If you are learning to snowboard and you are over 40, we recommend that you pass on the speed and concentrate on a snowboard that offers stability. Below are some of the best snowboards that you can get if you are trying to learn how to snowboard and you are over 40. All are built and designed to offer maximum stability.

Jones Snowboards Frontier Snowboard

Frontier Snowboard

The Frontier is a directional freeride board designed to be the perfect daily driver for the playful all-mountain shredder.

Featuring a floaty, freeride nose matched with a freestyle tail, the Frontier is ideal for pow days, park days, and every day in between. The Frontier’s Directional shape, Directional Rocker profile, and Traction Tech 2.0 edges provide confident stability riding through tech terrain or rough snow while the spooned nose+tail edges on the 3D Contour Base 1.0 reduce edge to catch and make it easy to turn in tight terrain.

The Frontier offers high performance without skimping on materials as it’s built with our new Sintered 8000 base, an Eco-plastic top sheet, and a new Classic Core that is specially profiled between the feet for added pop.

Rossignol XV Snowboard

Rossignol 2020 XV Mens Snowboard
Rossignol XV Snowboard

Xavier De Le Rue’s award-winning, big-mountain brainchild, the XV, is back to pushing the boundaries of big-mountain riding.

The super directional shape with a large, stiff nose and narrower tapered tail offers effortless float and maneuverability. Serrated Edge technology ensures incomparable grip and edge control for the precision and confidence to plant your front foot and pin it over anything in your path.

A verified review for this snowboard states: “After doing research online I finally decided to go with this BEAST of a snowboard. I had older technology and was way overdue for an upgrade – this board definitely impressed me upon arrival.

All the online specs and reviews of this board were spot on. It shreds the mountain and feels effortless the rocker/camber just takes on all the shock you would normally experience on lower quality boards.”

Burton Descendant Snowboard

BURTON Descendant Snowboard
Burton Descendant Snowboard

A soft and poppy deck that’s perfect for taking what you learn in the park to the entire mountain.

Dominate the park while getting maximum bang for your buck with the feature-packed Burton Descendant. True twin shaping gives it a freestyle punch, allowing you to ride in either direction with equal control.

Soft and playful, it also steps up stability and edge control with the catch-free, park-tuned feel of PurePop Camber. Squeezebox Low provides a softer flex that maintains snappiness and ollie power.

The Channel gives you ultimate control of your stance and the fastest setup possible in a system compatible with bindings from all major brands.

Learning to Snowboard at 40 is Challenging, but Rewarding

One of the best pieces of advice I received was “Never let an old man live in your body.” All people age, that is a fact of life, but how you age is up to you. Learning to snowboard at 40 is more challenging than learning in your teens, but with proper precautions, you will be snowboarding in no time at all.

This winter, take to the slopes and learn to snowboard. There is nothing stopping you, certainly not your age.